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Filter Cloth Area Calculator

Baghouse Filter Cloth Area Calculator

Enter (Bag Diameter × π × Length of Cages × # of Bags)

144 sq. in / sq. ft.

Then Click on Calculate To Find the Cloth Area

Bag Diameter × π × Length of Cage × # of Bags

144 sq. in / sq. ft.

Cloth Area = Sq. Ft.

Dust Collector Design Calculation for Filter Cloth Area

The filter cloth area is an important factor to consider when designing a baghouse for industrial applications. The area of the filter cloth determines the amount of air that can be filtered and the efficiency of the system in capturing dust particles. Inadequate filter cloth area can result in increased pressure drop across the baghouse, reducing its efficiency and leading to higher maintenance costs.

On the other hand, excessive filter cloth area can result in higher capital and operating costs. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully calculate the filter cloth area based on the process requirements and desired performance of the baghouse. This ensures optimal efficiency while minimizing costs for the facility.

Read more about the problems with an over-sized baghouse on our blog. 

Hire a Professional to Calculate Filter Cloth Area

When designing a baghouse, it is essential to calculate the filter cloth area accurately to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with regulations. Hiring a professional to perform this task can save time and resources while ensuring accurate results. An experienced engineer will have the expertise and knowledge needed to determine the exact measurements required for the filter cloth area based on the specific operating conditions and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, a professional can assist in selecting the appropriate filter media, improving filtration performance, and reducing overall maintenance costs. Investing in a professional for filter cloth area calculation can ultimately lead to a more efficient and cost-effective baghouse system.

IAC’s team of baghouse experts includes professional engineers and maintenance specialists who will perform a site inspection and write an engineering report with recommendations you or your company can implement on your own, or hire IAC to perform.