Our specialty Adelphi Construction teams can execute projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.
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We design, fabricate, install, and service the pneumatic conveying system equipment we supply.
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Our baghouse services crews service all baghouse designs, brands and sizes.
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With more than 30 years of industry leading experience, IAC is the expert in the processing and bulk material handling industries.
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With more than 30 years of industry leading experience, IAC is the expert in the processing and bulk material handling industries.
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From Parts to Plants, IAC Knows

Multi-Dimensional. Fully Integrated. Truly Unique.

IAC knows industrial plants and construction like no other EPC company.

Imagine how many individual parts and systems, and hours of electrical programming goes into building industrial process equipment, production systems, material handling systems, and automation control systems. What kind of company knows parts, systems, and programming in detail? IAC knows because our company was founded as a supplier of parts and components to industrial and agricultural producers. Our engineers have been programming for decades.

Imagine fabricating and installing industrial equipment, and joining these systems together to maximize their value and achieve nameplate production rates. What kind of company knows how to maintain and optimize industrial equipment and systems? IAC knows because our service and engineering experts have spent over thirty years working in and inspecting industrial plants.

This same expertise led IAC to become an OEM of, air pollution control, automation control, dust control, drying systems, and pneumatic conveying. Our metal fabrication and custom coatings facilities have over 450,000 combined square feet of production space. For the specialty construction expertise needed to erect and start up industrial facilities, IAC founded Adelphi Construction, LC.

Now imagine partnering with an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company for your next industrial plant upgrade or greenfield build that knows industrial process equipment and systems from the inside out, is a world class OEM, and knows how to erect, construct, install, and maintain process equipment plant control systems.

Most important, imagine a company that truly listens to understand its customer’s needs, and custom tailors’ solutions that add value to processes and production. From replacement parts and components, to complete greenfield builds, IAC knows how to take care of customers. Contact us to find out all the ways IAC can be your single source solution.


Personally, and in name of our team and Cerro Matoso, I want to say thanks to IAC. Your experience, quality standards, and the effort of your team that was performed for our baghouse project were excellent. Thanks a lot."

Jorge Reyes R.

OGS Engineering & Planning Manager
Cerro Matoso S.A. – SOUTH 32

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