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Pneumatic Conveying System Parts and Components

Pneumatic conveying material handling systems, components, and parts for dry bulk materials have been a cornerstone of IAC’s product offerings since our company’s start. Our sales and field engineering teams provide expert product knowledge and specification information on parts and components such as airlocks, gates, valves, positive displacement (PD) blowers, pipe straights, pipe bends, elbows, dampers, sonic horns, gauges, automated controls, fittings, hose, and more!

Let us help ensure you make production rates with competitive pricing, quick shipping, and service after the sale.  We also provide pneumatic conveying system design services, plus field maintenance and engineering.

airlocks, pneumatic conveying, pneumatic material handling system, pneumatic system parts

Airlock Valves

Whether you need a new airlock valve, a drop-in replacement airlock valve, or an upgraded airlock valve to increase your convey line capacity (de-bottlenecking), rely on IAC for the right airlock valve for your pneumatic conveying system. Popular size airlock valves are in-stock or available on a quick-ship basis.

IAC’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) buying power makes our prices extremely competitive. You’ll have confidence in knowing that you’ll receive the right airlock valve for your application, at a fair price. Plus the professionals at IAC are always on hand to answer questions or provide field service to assist with all of your system needs.

Stainless Steel Airlock Valve, pneumatic conveying

Types of Airlock Valves Available:

  • Rotary
  • Double Flap
  • Double Gate
  • Double Dump
  • High Temperature
  • High-Pressure Tolerances
  • Stainless Steel Food Grade
Plattco Double Flat Airlock Valve Drawing

Airlock Valve Options and Features Include:

  • Cast or Fabricated Housings
  • 6, 8, or 10 Vane Rotors
  • Reduced Volume designs available
  • Closed or Open Rotors
  • Square or Round Flanges
  • Fixed, adjustable, hardened, or special tip designs
  • Shaft or End Plate Air Purge
  • Chrome or Ceramic Coatings
  • Ni-Hard Housings & Rotors
rotary pneumatic system airlock, pneumatic system parts

Pneumatic Actuated Valves and Gates

Choosing the perfect pneumatic actuated valve or gate for your application is an IAC specialty! Our design team and project engineers have many years of application experience designing pneumatic conveying material handling systems. This allows us to help you by knowing which gate or valve is exactly right for your application.

Do you need an exact-fit replacement, or an upgrade for improved performance? Either way, you can rely on the IAC team for the right valve recommendation. If you`re in a hurry, popular size valves and gates are typically in-stock or are available on a quick-ship basis. 

Available with the following standard designs and options:

  • Standard Atmospheric (Gravity Flow) or Pressure (Pneumatic Conveying) Designs
  • Manual, Pneumatic, or Electric Actuation
  • Aluminum, Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Temperature or High-Pressure Clearances
  • Quick Disassembly Features for Frequent Cleaning
  • Food Grade (Stainless Steel) Construction

Types of Pneumatic Actuated Valves and Gates Available:

    • Ball Valves
    • Bulk Material Valves
    • Butterfly Valves
    • Check Valves
    • Diverter and Fill Pass Valves
    • Gravity Diverter Valves
    • Iris Valves
    • Knife Gate Valves
    • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves
    • Blast Gates
    • Maintenance Gates
    • Roller Gate Valves
    • Slide Gate Valves

Industrial Dampers

IAC specializes in custom design and fabrication of industrial dampers and assemblies to meet your specific system application requirements.

Types of industrial dampers available:

  • Butterfly Dampers
  • Diverter Dampers
  • Guillotine Dampers
  • Louver Dampers
  • Special Application Dampers
IAC industrial Dampers

Acoustic Cleaning and Flow Aids

Flow aids function exactly as their name suggests – they promote the discharge and even flow of dry bulk materials from storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins, rail cars, and IBC’s.  Breaking up and discharging these materials can be done by mechanical vibration against the storage unit’s wall, or by sound waves.

Flow aids are a simple and safe alternative to sending employees into enclosed areas to loosen stuck product and materials.  If you’re experiencing bridging, rat holing, or compacting of your dry bulk materials, contact IAC’s parts professionals to learn more about how flow aids can improve your operation.  

Silo Fluidizer

Silo Fluidizers:

IAC Silo Fluidizers assist with uniform flow and discharge through aeriation and hopper wall vibration.  The aeriation loosens the dry bulk material by providing directional air flow along the hopper wall, while vibration keeps the product flowing.

Sonic Horns:

IAC Sonic Horns fluidize unwanted particulate buildup with high intensity, low frequency soundwaves.  IAC has been supplying Sonic Horns to a variety of industries for over 25 years. 

Specific industries require different frequencies, sizes and materials of construction of horn. You can browse our Sonic Horn Application Manual for more information, or contact our parts sales department for help. 

iac sonic horn pneumatic and material handling system
Use IAC Sonic Horns to Clean:
  • Baghouses – cleans filter bags and hoppers
  • Food and Dairy Spray Dryers – removes sidewall build-up from dryers, baghouses, and cyclones
  • Electrostatic Precipitators – reduces build-up on collector plates, electrode wires, hoppers, inlet distribution devices
  • Cyclones – eliminates sidewall build-up and discharge plugging
  • Bins & Silos – reduces funneling of powdered material and eliminates discharge plugging
  • Heat Exchangers and Economizers – reduces and eliminates tube build-up
  • Ducts and Conveying Lines – eliminates wall build-up and plugging
View IAC’s Sonic Horn Catalog


Each IAC Sonic Horn is shop tested and tuned for maximum performance. For ease of installation, IAC Sonic Horns can be shipped with shop installed mounting flanges and custom mating connections to fit each specific application. 

Bells and drivers are constructed of either carbon or stainless steel with sanitary fabrication available. 

IAC can save costs to customers by rebuilding, testing, and servicing all makes and models of used Sonic Horns to increase their performance.

IAC can provide high performance, competitively priced spare parts for most all manufacturer`s Sonic Horns.

Read about Sonic Horn Installation and Maintenance on our blog.

tube and pipe straights

IAC supplies a wide variety of tube and pipe straights in different sizes, materials, and grades. If you do not see the type of straight you need, contact us – we have many more types of tube and pipe straights than can be listed here.

Standard Tube and Pipe Straights Available In:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Special Alloys
  • Boiler Tube

Standard stock lengths of tube and pipe straights are 20 ft (6.10m) to 24 ft (7.32m) with cut-to-order lengths available.

Specialty Tube and Pipe Straights Available In:


  • Induction Hardened: Specialized heat induction hardening raises the material’s Brinell hardness, making it highly abrasion-resistant.

  • Shot Peened: Cold working process used to add strength and resistance to stress, aids in eliminating the buildup of fine materials. Available in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel.

  • Spiral Grooved: Internal spiral-grooved straights and pipe and tube bends increase turbulence of materials passing through the system to reduce clogging due to angel hair or stringers.

IAC can accommodate orders from a few pieces to truckload quantities of tube and pipe straights.

Elbows, Bends, and Fittings

IAC carries a wide range of elbows, bends, and wyes to provide the correct type to fit your application – from standard light gauge tube bends, to extra heavy duty abrasion resistant elbows. Our standard long and short radius bends are available in a very wide range of sizes. Due to the high volume of bends supplied by IAC, many are available from stock and at economical prices. IAC’s spiral grooved or directionally shot peened elbows and piping help eliminate fines and angel hair in plastics conveying lines. Our abrasion resistant elbows will help save money in loss of material, clean–up costs, loss of production and labor costs due to frequently replacing worn out elbows. Our complete group of conveying line accessories such as pipe and tubing, compression couplings, hoses, and camlock couplings insure you can get everything you need right here.
elbows bends and fittings by IAC
elbows bends and fittings by IAC

Types of Elbows and Bends Available:

  • Bifurcated Elbows
  • Ceramic Back Elbows
  • Ceramic Tile Flatback Elbows
  • Directionally Peened Elbows
  • Flatback Elbows with Replaceable Back
  • Hammertek Elbows
  • Induction Hardened Elbows
  • Mortar Filled Flatback Elbows
  • Porcelain Enamel Lined Elbows
  • Quick Connect Elbows
  • Segmented Elbows
  • Spiral Grooved Elbows
  • Threaded and Weld-On Pipe Elbows
  • Wear-Back Elbows

IAC carries a wide range of fittings such as connectors, couplings, and flanges to serve your needs. We can provide the correct type to fit your application. Many are in stock and available for immediate shipment.


elbows bends and fittings by IAC

Types of Fittings, Couplings, and Flanges Available:

  • Tees, Wyes, and Lateral Connectors
  • Custom-weld fabrications to customer specs
  • Cam and Groove Couplings
  • Compression Couplings
  • Dresser Type Pipe Couplings
  • Ferrule Couplings
  • Threaded Couplings and Adapters
  • Victaulic Couplings
  • Angle Ring Flanges
  • ANSI Flanges
  • Plate Flanges

Flexible Hose and Hose Accessories

IAC stocks a wide variety of flexible hoses. If you do not see the type of flexible hose you need, call us, we have many more hoses than can be shown here.

Types of Hose Available:

  • Flexible Air Duct Hose
  • Interflex Metal Hose
  • T-Rex Metal Hose
  • UltraFlex Metal Hose
  • Food Grade PVC Hose
  • Food Grade PVC Hose with Embedded Grounding Wire
  • Polyurethane Lined Abrasion Resistant PVC Hose
  • Food Grade Rubber Hose with Ground Wire Helix
  • Abrasion Resistant Rubber Hose with Ground Wire Helix
  • Hot Air Blower Rubber Hose with Ground Wire Helix

Types of Hose Accessories Available:

  • Beveled End X Hose Barb Combination Nipple 
  • NPT Threaded End X Hose Barb Combination Nipple
  • Flanged Hose Barb in Carbon or Stainless Steel
  • Double Bolt Clamps
  • Worm Gear Hose Clamps

Duct and Duct Accessories

IAC offers a complete line of Duct and Duct Accessories. Both the easy to install Clamp-Together Duct and Flanged Duct, as well as Duct accessories like Dampers, Gate Valves, Diverter Valves, Back Draft Dampers, Angle Ring Flanges, Blast Gates, Pick-Up Hoods, and Custom Fabrications. 

We also offer you a free duct layout design service. We will provide you with a 3-D layout and complete bill of materials for your project.

If needed, IAC can engineer, supply, and install your complete air handling system. Need custom duct? IAC can do that too. Just call an IAC sales engineer who will gladly help you in choosing the right custom designs for your needs.

Most duct components are warehouse stock inventory and available for immediate shipping. 

duct hose pneumatic and material handling system


The experts at IAC have been designing, building, and maintaining dust collectors and other industrial process systems for over 30 years. Let us earn your business too!