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Industrial Blowers, Fans, and Motors

IAC is a master distributor for all types of blowers, fans, and motors for use in baghouses, dust collection systems, dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, and vacuum transfer systems.   

Our OEM buying power and expertly trained sales engineers and field service personnel allow us to specify and supply the correct equipment for your existing system or new build.  

accessories for industrial blowers, industrial fan, fan industrial, roots blower

Positive Displacement (PD) Blowers

Positive Displacement (PD) Blowers are also known as rotary air blowers. They move gas or air for a variety of pneumatic conveying, vacuum transfer, and other applications. PD Blowers are used in industries such as chemical, cement and lime, dairy and baking, plastic, and any industry that requires dry bulk material transfer.  

We stock the brands you need

IAC is a master distributor of Positive Displacement Blowers (PD Blowers) in many brands. Because we are a blower package manufacturer, our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) buying power saves you money, as well as time. Many blower models are stocked for quick shipment. The wide variety of brands assures your systems will stay up and running. We have the blower to match your existing equipment or brand preference. IAC engineers are always available to help with sizing recommendations or help to solve blower system problems.

Considering a rebuild?

Our techs are factory authorized to perform work and have decades of experience repairing blowers. The shop stocks most of the major parts required for repairs, so turn-around times are quick.

When you send your PD Blower to IAC’s repair shop for a free repair estimate, the unit is disassembled and inspected right away. A report is generated noting its current condition and what actions are required to restore the unit. An estimate of the repair cost, as well as a price for a new replacement unit for comparison, is provided with the report. If it’s cost-effective to repair the unit we will contact you to receive your authorization to begin the rebuild to factory tolerances. All of our rebuilt blowers carry a 1-year guarantee.

Positive Displacement (PD) Blower Silencers and Sound Enclosures

PD Blowers Silencers, fan industrial

Intake silencers effectively reduce the noise and destructive low frequency pulsations that can be detrimental to surrounding equipment and personnel, as well as neighbors.  The noise and/or pulsation energy generated at the PD Blower inlet is a function of both blower speed and blower size.  

IAC supplies many styles and brands of PD Blower Silencers including Stoddard, Universal, Burgess-Aarding, EM Products, and others.

PD Blower Silencers

sound enclosures

IAC’s Sound Enclosures are designed to isolate and dampen noisy equipment such as PD blowers, compressors, fans, etc. Sound attenuating acoustic lining typically lowers 3’ sound level to 15-22 dBA (actual attenuation level depends on final equipment configuration).
accessories for industrial blowers

Centrifugal and Regenerative Blowers

Centrifugal and Regenerative blowers are commonly used in industrial settings. While both types of blowers move air using an impeller on a rotating shaft, and may look similar on the outside, they serve very different functions. 

IAC’s team of trained sales engineers and field service personnel can help you identify which blower is correct for your new application and can provide quotes and detailed product specifications on a wide range of replacement centrifugal and regenerative blowers. 

Centrifugal and Regenerative Blowers


Baghouse Leak Prevention, axial bladed fans
Axial Bladed Fans

Vaneaxial and Tubeaxial fans are generally used in variable HVAC systems and in light industrial applications such as fume exhaust. Panel fans are used primarily for general unducted ventilation.

Baghouse Leak Prevention, clean air fan

Clean Air Fans: Airfoil Bladed Centrifugal Fans. These industrial fans with efficient airfoil blades are recommended for all supply air and clean air exhaust applications, as well as variable volume systems.

Baghouse Leak Prevention, high pressure centrifugal fan

High Pressure Fans: Certain fans are well suited or especially designed for combustion air, pneumatic conveying, and other higher-pressure applications. A wide range of sizes and configurations assure a selection for every need.

Baghouse Leak Prevention, highly corrosive fan

Highly Corrosive Fans: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Fans. FRP fans resist severe corrosives and are impervious to outside environments. Centrifugal blade types and vaneaxial will suit any airstream or installation.

process fan

Process Fans: Some fan types are designed for process applications such as boilers, incinerators, pollution control and high-pressure systems. Various blade types are matched to application requirements.

Fan Accessories, Components, and Silencers

Circular Discharge Silencer

Fan Accessories:

  • Dampers – Inlet and Outlet
  • Silencers 
  • Motors
  • Parts

Fan Components:  For OEM requirements, airfoil and backwardly inclined wheels, inlet cones, inlet vane controls, housings and axial airfoil wheels are available for packaged equipment applications. 

Fan Silencers: All of our standard and custom silencers are available in any construction gauge and material to meet the most demanding application. Our application engineers review all selections to ensure the best available solution is applied to meet your needs.

Types of Fan Silencers include:

  • Circular Discharge
  • Circular Inlet
  • Rectangular


IAC carries the full line of TECO Westinghouse electric motors and accessories. We can also supply Baldor, Reliance and WEG brand motors.


air pads

air pad

Air pads are a simple and efficient means of introducing low pressure air into any dry finely ground material. 



Contact us today with your questions about fans, blowers, and motors, or get a quote on your new or replacement equipment needs.