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Air to Cloth Ratio Calculator

Air to Cloth Ratio Calculator for Filter Bags & Pleated Elements

Baghouse Air to Cloth Ratio Calculator

Enter the ACFM of Air ÷ Sq. Ft. of Cloth

Then Click on Calculate To Find the Air to Cloth Ratio

ACFM ÷ Sq. Ft of Cloth

Air to Cloth Ratio = to 1

Importance of Air to Cloth Ratio in Baghouse Design

The air-to-cloth ratio is a critical factor in baghouse design and operation. It refers to the amount of air flowing through the filter media per unit of filtration area. The correct ratio ensures that the filter is operating within its design limit to efficiently capture particles and prevent clogging. A too high air-to-cloth ratio may lead to excessive air flow which can cause media abrasion, leading to reduced filter life while a too low air-to-cloth ratio decreases the filter efficiency leading to higher emissions, frequent filter change-outs, and increased operational costs.

Selecting the correct air-to-cloth ratio is crucial for optimal baghouse performance, plant efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.  Learn more about the meaning of air to cloth ratio in baghouse dust collector design by watching a short video on our blog.