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IAC High and Low Pressure Pulse Jet Baghouses

IAC’s high pressure (70-100 PSI) Pulse-Jet Baghouses have been field-proven for over 30 years at thousands of installations. The units can be used for either process gas or nuisance/fugitive dust collection.

Filter media from 44 ft2 to 21,818 ft2 is available in this design series.  Snap- band type 6.25″ bags in lengths of 36″, 50″, 72″, 96″, 120″ and 144″ are pre-engineered into our standard design; however, tube sheets can be easily configured for your own bag size for parts commonality.

As a full-service OEM of dust collection systems, IAC has the engineering staff to design a high or low pulse pressure baghouse dust collector, fabricate the unit, manage the project, and provide the installation service. Our fabrication facilities, located just minutes from our corporate office, allow us to efficiently manage your project and keep a close eye on the production time and quality control processes of your capital equipment.

Remote monitoring of dust collectors without climbing ladders

Stop climbing to get readings!

Our Smart Plant™ Remote Monitoring Systems empower you to manage your plant process equipment from anywhere.



For design support and technical assistance on high temperature baghouses, call us at 800-334.7431 or submit a simple request for quote form

Additional Services

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