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Timer Boards: Baghouse Dust Collector

smart plant timer

IAC’s Smart Plant Timer Boards can be configured for manual or automated controls on any brand or type of baghouse, filter receiver, or dust collector.  Expandable DIN rail system with analog and digital inputs/outputs allows for a variety of sensor functions.  Connection to encrypted, cloud based, IoT remote monitoring dashboards for predictive and preventative maintenance available on a subscription basis.  For more information about our Smart Plant products, visit our Smart Plant Systems page.


timer board ac input

AC Input, Pulse Cleaning of Baghouse Dust Collectors Models DNC-T2003 through DNC-T2032

AC Input Baghouse Timer Boards:
IAC Timer Boards

The control can function in 2 modes, Continuous Mode and On-Demand Mode.

DC Input Baghouse Timer Boards:
IAC Timer Boards

Models T2310 and T2320 are microprocessor- based bag house filter controllers which combine a ten or twenty output sequencer with a solid-state differential pressure sensor.

Intelligent AC Input Baghouse Timber Board:
IAC Timer Boards

The Model DNC-T2300-I/O module provides several functions. It communicates with a T2310 or T2320 Dust Collector Timer via the RS232 port to form an Enhanced Timer system, and it communicates pertinent system data to remote control/display devices via the 2 wire Enhanced Timer Network.

Intelligent Remote Output / Input Baghouse Timer Board: