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Baghouse Leak Detection:

Leak detection powder

Detekto-Lite™ Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder

Simple to use and non-toxic, IAC’s Detekto-Lite™ Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder is a specially formulated, high-temperature powder that allows your  maintenance team to quickly and safely identify air leaks that may be preventing your baghouse or dust collector from operating at peak performance.

– Utilizing our specialized blacklight, the bright fluorescent powder will identify holes and tears in filter bags as well as broken welds, poorly sealed doors, or improperly seated bags.

– Detekto-Lite™ comes in 8 colors – Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Lime, Tangerine

– Sizes (stock):
1 gallon, 5 lb. can
5 gallon, 25 lb. can
Other sizes available up to 300 lb. drum.

Use with Leak Detection Kit or IAC Blue LED Light Kit

Leak Detection Powder:

Blue LED leak detection kit

Blue LED Light Leak detection Kit

This powerful and compact IAC Blue LED light was designed to help maintenance personnel quickly find leaks in any dust collection unit. Cordless and rechargeable, this Kit makes filter bag inspection quick and easy. The IAC Blue LED light brightly flouresces IAC’s ultraviolet leak detection powder where bag leaks and tubesheet cracks are present. Use with Detekto-Lite™ Leak Detection Powder.

  • Cordless and rechargeable, no need for extension cords.
  • Durable anodized aluminum body
  • The 2200mAh battery provides up to 3 hours of use
  • The Blue LED offers a ‘bulb-life’ of up to 100 000 hours
  • Power equivalent to larger 150 W models

The IAC Kit includes:

  • Durable case for easy transport and storage
  • Powerful light weight blue LED light
  • LED Enhancing glasses (ANSI rated)
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • AC and DC Quick Chargers
  • Charging adapter tube
  • A choice of AC chargers: please specify when ordering
    120 VAC – IAC Kit P/N 2035120
    240 VAC – IAC Kit P/N 2035121
detection light

Ultraviolet Light Detection

The IAC Ultra Violet Detection Lite is required to illuminate the Detekto-Lite™ powder which exposes filter bag and tubesheet cracks and dust leakage points.
  • Brightly illuminates the Detekto-Lite™ powder
  • Large, 16 inch long ultraviolet bulb
  • Rugged impact resistant design
  • Bulb is fully enclosed
  • Protective end covers
  • 25 ft. high visibility cord with polarized plug
  • Powerful 15 watt, 110 volt ultraviolet bulb
  • Same day shipment!
You will also need the Detekto-Lite™ Leak Detection Powder