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IAC Industrial Construction Contractors

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Not all EPC companies perform the Engineering, the Procurement, and the Construction equally well.  IAC’s truly unique, fully integrated, and multi-dimensional approach to EPC and Turnkey contracting, combined with our years of parts and maintenance expertise, provides our clients with an EPC partner that can perform each function equally well.

Industrial Construction Contracting Services

Construction is not a simple activity. IAC knows it is a complex, all-encompassing process that starts with a idea and ends in a finished project, with design, development, financing, insurance, site evaluations, engineer’s drawings, production capacity requirements, blueprints, permits, environmental rules, safety regulations, numerous materials suppliers, dirt work, aerial work, maneuvering heavy equipment, erecting and connecting process systems, and commissioning.

Project Management for Industrial Construction

IAC’s staff includes highly organized and efficient project managers and construction managers who understand that clear and concise communication across all channels, and with all vested stakeholders, is key to the successful completion of industrial construction projects, on time and on budget.

IAC can work with a client’s preferred contractor, or offer our customers the benefits of contracting with our wholly owned industrial construction subsidiary, Adelphi Construction, LC.

Adelphi Construction, LC - IAC's Industrial Construction Experts

Adelphi Construction has 25+ years of experience in Fast Track Industrial Construction, Expansions, Capital Improvement Project Work, Shutdown and Turnaround Services.

Adelphi Industrial Construction Services:
  • Labor crews (500+ field personnel as needed)
  • Project Management
  • PE Qualification
  • Full Construction & Erection
  • Plant Turnaround Projects
  • Startup and Supervision
  • Structural Steel & Fabrication
  • Foundation Design
  • Complete Design/Build Projects
  • Demolition
  • Safety Focused

Adelphi crews average 200,000 to 300,000 field hours per year with an EMR of 0.72 over the last four years (2017-2020). 

To learn more about Adelphi, and view current and past construction projects, please visit www.adelphiconstruction.com.

Automated Control Systems for industrial Processes

Automation technology in plant design and process equipment monitoring continues to gain importance as a competitive advantage for maximizing uptime and production output, thus bottom-line profitability.  IAC engineers and Adelphi electrical specialists have extensive expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and installing automated MCC & PLC control system solutions for a wide range of uses. 

Visit our Automated Control Systems page to learn more. 

Additional Industrial Contracting Services

IAC and Adelphi Construction LC offer a wide range of maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, commissioning, and specialty services. Visit our services page to learn more.