We self-perform industrial concrete construction of foundation and structural concrete work on existing sites or starting from greenfield. Our specialty Adelphi Construction teams can execute projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our project managers and field construction crews know that safety is always the #1 priority.

Together, IAC & Adelphi Construction offer our customers a true, one-stop solution for all structural concrete needs, from project concept to completion. Our staff includes project managers who consult with customers to review goals, details, timelines, and expectations; an engineering team with specialists in civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering; and highly trained concrete construction specialists.

Our experience includes:

  • Engineering, constructing, delivering structural rebar cages on-or off-site
  • Experience forming and pouring foundations over 10 ft. deep
  • Pile installation –displacement CFA, CFA, Driven steel, Rotary bored, & other requirements
  • Work will meet CRSI and EPD specs/requirements
  • 40+ man crew availability as needed
  • 6-day, 10 hr. per workweek as needed
  • Soils compaction testing, concrete testing
  • Crews available to travel nationwide

Types of industrial concrete foundation and structural projects we’ve executed include:

  • Baghouses/dust collection system foundations
  • Fan and Stack foundations
  • Silo/bulk storage foundation -single silo or multitude
  • Rail and truck loadouts –mechanical/pits/pneumatic
  • Rail and truck scales –standard systems or custom designs
  • Dome storage foundations / standard metal buildings
  • Rotary dryer structures / mixing & processing equipment
  • Pneumatic conveying structures
  • Material handling systems
  • Structural steel
  • Electrical (E-houses) / MCC setups
  • Tunnel systems
  • Walls –structural / retaining / stem/ barrier
  • Major plant structural supports (turbines, HRSG, stacks, boilers, ducting)
  • Prefab structures support and install –underground or above


The Adelphi foundations/concrete team continues to do outstanding work. They received positive feedback from several customers this month. In fact, one customer is so pleased that we were able to expedite procurement and work toward an early completion date, that Adelphi is now quoting additional work to install equipment and ductwork.
~ Adelphi Construction team lead



IAC & Adelphi Construction have earned a reputation for completing jobs faster than other commercial concrete foundation construction companies. We stand behind our work and take every step to ensure customer satisfaction.

Reach out and get started on your next project by contacting us today.