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Baghouse Design Calculations: Dust Collector Calculators

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Bag Filter Calculation - Free Baghouse Design Calculators

Air-to-Cloth Calculator
Interstitial Velocity Calculator
Can Velocity Calculator
Filter Cloth Area Calculator

Baghouse design involves the selection and sizing of components for a dust collection system used in various industrial applications to capture and filter airborne particles. Several calculators and tools can be helpful in the design process, depending on the specific requirements of your baghouse system. Here are some types of calculators and tools that can be useful:

Air-to-Cloth Ratio Calculator: The air to cloth ratio of a bag filter, also known as the air-to-media ratio, refers to the ratio of air flow in cubic feet per minute (cfm) to the area of the filter media in square feet. This ratio is typically between 2 and 10 cfm per square foot, depending on the size and type of filter.

Interstitial Velocity Calculator: Refers to the minimum air velocity required to prevent particles from settling in the spaces between filter bags or filter cartridges.

Can Velocity Calculator: Measures the air velocity in the spaces between the filter bags or filter cartridges and the inner surface of the baghouse dust collector’s housing.

Filter Cloth Area Calculator:  Determines the amount of air that can be filtered and the efficiency of the system in capturing dust particles.