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Baghouse Maintenance & Repair

Blue Crew Baghouse Maintenance Services

When you need maintenance and repair services for your industrial process baghouses or nuisance dust collectors, trust IAC’s Blue Crew field service maintenance and engineering teams! Our maintenance and engineering experts work on all types of dust collection systems from the largest pulse jet or reverse air baghouses, to the smallest bin vent or cartridge collector.  IAC’s Blue Crew has the know-how to perform filter bag change-outs, routine maintenance, ventilation system balancing, engineering evaluation reports, baghouse refurbishments, and more. With a routine preventative maintenance program by the IAC Blue Crew, your plant’s ventilation and dust collection systems will operate with peak efficiency and reduced emissions. The IAC Blue Crew will make sure your facility has a clean and safe work environment to protect your staff and keep your operations within the strict air quality guidelines.

Fully Trained and Certified Baghouse Dust Collector Maintenance Crews

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Safety is priority #1 when assembling an industrial plant maintenance team for any project. Along with training on our own safety protocols, all of our Blue Crew members have completed OSHA 10 or 30 training, plus MSHA and confined space as required, and in-depth training specific to the environment they’ll be working in. 

When using one of our industrial field maintenance teams you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting industry-leading service. Our fully staffed dust collector maintenance teams with crew leaders are available nationwide.  We even offer 24/7 after-hours support for immediate response.

For after-hours support, dial IAC’s main phone number at 913-384-5511 and listen for the prompt to be connected to our 24/7 Response Team.

Learn more about our Blue Crew on our blog, or on our YouTube channel.

Providing Solutions to Your Baghouse Maintenance Problems

Safety of Your Personnel

No OSHA regulated confined space entry worries. Reduce overall liability using IAC’s certified and experienced “Blue Crew” service technicians. Operate a cleaner, safer work environment.

Inexperienced Staff and Time Limitations

The limitations of time and staff inexperience can be overcome using our highly experienced and efficient Blue Crew technicians. You receive expert work done accurately and quickly. Staff training programs are available.

Compliance Issues

By providing immediate response to the issue IAC can regain your plant compliance. IAC will provide detailed documentation of all work performed for compliance reports. This documentation may also help with future compliance questions and provide recommendations for future improvements. Operate with fully functional air filtration equipment at peak efficiency.

Production Downtimes

With a service project or scheduled inspection and preventative maintenance program by IAC you can help PREVENT inadequate baghouse operation which may cause increased emissions; lower production; a dirty, unsafe work enviroment; excess wear and tear on equipment; possible breakdowns; production shut-downs; and increased energy usage.

Take Advantage of Our Maintenance Services

Mechanical Inspections

  • Verify condition of housing, parts and components
  • Leak testing with highly accurate ultra-violet light detection powder
  • Provide comprehensive reports
  • Scheduled inspection or service plans available quarterly, or as needed

Filter Bag Change-Outs

  • Replace baghouse filter bags
  • Replace bag cages, clamps and parts as needed
  • Dispose of old bags and parts
  • Work performed by trained professionals
  • Planned outages or emergency response

Mechanical Repairs

  • Experienced millwrights, welders and trained technicians
  • Replace control timers, solenoid valves, diaphragm valves and any parts required
  • Replace system components: airlocks, dampers, fans, etc.

System Evaluations

  • Complete system airflow analysis
  • Duct & pick-up hood design review
  • Actual vs. Baseline performance
  • Provide comprehensive report

Equipment Conversions

  • Convert reverse air or shaker style filters to modern Pulse-Jet Technology

New Installations

  • Installation and commissioning of new equipment
  • Engineering and project management

Dust Collector / Baghouse Maintenance Guide

IAC Blue Crew Services

To maximize baghouse and dust collector performance, boost baghouse efficiency, and obtain the optimum life from baghouse filter bags and other replaceable parts, follow our checklist for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance recommendations.

  • Visually inspect dust collector for signs of abnormal operation
  • Check the stack monitor (if applicable), or visually inspect for signs of dusting
  • Check and record differential pressure (normal operation is 3” – 4” of water)
  • Listen to the cleaning cycle to ensure all valves are firing properly
  • Visually inspect the bags for tears, holes, and to ensure they are seated properly
  • Check fans for wear
  • Inspect all hoses, clamps, and air lines to the baghouse
  • Monitor the dust collector discharge to ensure that the dust is being removed sufficiently
  • Clear the differential pressure gauge lines
  • Check the compressed air system, including filters, and water traps
  • Inspect the timer board to ensure proper cleaning sequence
  • Monitor the solenoid and pulse diaphragm valves to ensure proper firing
  • Check drive assemblies on all fans, discharge valves, and screw conveyors
  • Inspect all door gaskets and seals
  • Perform thorough inspections of all filter bags and cages
  • Inspect the dust collectors for corrosion and wear
  • Inspect the internal baffle plate (if applicable) for wear
  • Inspect hoppers for wear
  • Repair or replace wear parts on cleaning mechanism


The experts at IAC have been designing, building, and maintaining dust collectors and other industrial process systems for over 30 years. Let us earn your business too!