Industrial hemp drying is the process of reducing the moisture content in the hemp, so that it can be used for industrial purposes. Drying hemp is essential for hemp production, as the process allows for hemp pulp, fiber, and seed to be separated from the plant. In addition, drying hemp also makes it easier to store and transport, as it lowers the risk of mold or mildew growth from moisture in the air.

Overall, industrial hemp drying is a crucial step in the hemp production process. By reducing the moisture content in the hemp, it allows for the fiber, seed, and pulp to be separated, and also makes it easier to store and transport.

Mechanical drying is used for larger scale production facilities. This process uses heated fans to increase the air flow of the hemp, which is then moved through a series of dryer chambers that use a combination of air and heat to reduce the moisture content in the hemp.

The industrial hemp drying process is an important step in the production of hemp products. Although it can vary depending on the type and size of the hemp production facility, it is essential for hemp products to be in optimal condition prior to sale and use.

IAC  has developed efficient solutions and technologies tailored for the unique needs of Hemp Processing.

From parts and maintenance, to capital equipment, to complete EPC and Turnkey plant builds, let IAC be your Hemp Processing company’s single source solution provider.


Industrial Hemp Processing Facilities - Special OPS Turnkey Commissioning (Cx) Project

Fast track installation, including electrical control and burner system programming, and commissioning of two rotary hemp drying and material handling systems.

IAC’s Special OPS team provided installation and commissioning services for two fast track turnkey projects, scheduled simultaneously over a six-week period in 2019, for two separate industrial hemp farming and processing operations. 


Services included greenfield site preparation, installation of rotary drying system including electrical for MCC control panels and firing of burner, installation of mechanical conveying equipment to feed the dryer, and convey material from dryer outlet to sacking system for storage and transportation.

Industrial Hemp EPC Projects Video

IAC provides Engineering through Commissioning, and everything in between, for your EPC or Turnkey project because we own, integrate, and control all aspects needed for successful project execution and ongoing support.

Position your company for success with the latest technology, equipment, capacity planning, and analytical management tools by using IAC’s EPC and Turnkey services.

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IAC is a leading global OEM for Baghouses, Dust Collectors, Bulk Material Handling, Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveying Systems, and a wide variety of process and material handling systems for the mining and minerals industries.  Our goal is to provide efficient solutions and technology to customers based on their unique needs.

Our OEM equipment and engineered systems have been successfully deployed at mining and minerals plants across the globe. IAC’s standard OEM baghouses and dust collectors are designed for ease of use.

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Inspections, Maintenance, Operations, and Training

IAC was founded on dedication to superior service and customer support, which continues to be the bedrock of our business philosophy. Our field deployed IAC Blue Crews and Special OPS Crews are highly trained and highly experienced in pneumatic and mechanical conveying, bulk material storage, industrial drying systems, automated controls, process equipment optimization, process gas and nuisance dust fabric filter applications, and more.

IAC’s craftsmen, engineers, and industrial operation specialists can help you discover cost effective ways to improve the performance of your dust collection and process equipment, maintenance activities, and staff training.

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Accessories, Blower Packages, Filters, Parts, and Safety Products

With over 55,000 industrial parts, components, and accessories, IAC provides the largest selection of baghouse filter bags. We carry products for any type of industrial dust collector. Most items are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Because IAC is an OEM we can get you the right part for your application at the lowest price on the market. Our products are guaranteed to help you meet the strictest emission laws.

IAC’s Parts Sales team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with years of training and experience in all types of baghouse, dust collection, pneumatic, and process equipment parts, components accessories.  From assisting customers with single replacement part requests, to creating complete spare parts lists with stocking recommendations, the mission of IAC’s Parts Sales team is to provide industry leading technical support, responsiveness, and products that keep our customers up and running.

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