Foundries & Smelters

Foundries and ore smelters require dust and fume collection for several different processes, such as sand casting and electric arc furnaces (EAF’s). High temperature dust collection and ventilation systems are often required to handle high dust loads of various particle sizes that are potentially hazardous or combustible.

The experienced engineers, programmers, project managers, and construction trade craftsmen at IAC understand the unique air handling requirements of foundries and smelters, and are here to help your operation meet or exceed nameplate production rates while adhering to applicable worker safety and environmental air quality control standards. 

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There are four main types of dust collectors used in foundries:



Baghouses work by forcing dusty air through a series of fabric filters, called bags. The filters catch the dust, which is later cleaned out and replaced. Baghouses are good at capturing small particles, and can be used for both sand and metal dust.


Cyclones use centrifugal force to separate dust from air. Dust is caught in a chamber at the top of the cyclone, while the clean air exits the bottom. Cyclones are good at capturing large particles, and can be used for both sand and metal dust.

Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitators use an electric field to attract dust particles to metal plates. The particles are then cleaned off the plates and recycled. Electrostatic precipitators are good at capturing both small and large particles, and can be used for both sand and metal dust.


Scrubbers use a liquid to capture dust from air. The liquid is then cleaned and recirculated. Scrubbers are good at capturing both small and large particles, and can be used for both sand and metal dust.

NOTE: IAC designs and builds dry scrubbers for gas stream conditioning, but not wet scrubbers.


The baghouse yesterday had one month of continuous operation. Personally, and in name of our team and Cerro Matoso, I want to say thanks to IAC, your experience, quality standards and all the effort of your team that was performed in our bag house project execution, thanks a lot."

Jorge Reyes R.

OGS Engineering & Planning Manager
Cerro Matoso S.A. – SOUTH 32


IAC provides Engineering through Commissioning, and everything in between, for your EPC or Turnkey project because we own, integrate, and control all aspects needed for successful project execution and ongoing support.

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IAC is a leading global OEM for Baghouses, Dust Collectors, Bulk Material Handling, Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveying Systems, and a wide variety of process and material handling systems for the mining and minerals industries.  Our goal is to provide efficient solutions and technology to customers based on their unique needs.

Our OEM equipment and engineered systems have been successfully deployed at mining and minerals plants across the globe. IAC’s standard OEM baghouses and dust collectors are designed for ease of use.

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Inspections, Maintenance, Operations, and Training

IAC was founded on dedication to superior service and customer support, which continues to be the bedrock of our business philosophy. Our field deployed IAC Blue Crews and Special OPS Crews are highly trained and highly experienced in pneumatic and mechanical conveying, bulk material storage, industrial drying systems, automated controls, process equipment optimization, process gas and nuisance dust fabric filter applications, and more.

IAC’s craftsmen, engineers, and industrial operation specialists can help you discover cost effective ways to improve the performance of your dust collection and process equipment, maintenance activities, and staff training.

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Accessories, Blower Packages, Filters, Parts, and Safety Products

With over 55,000 industrial parts, components, and accessories, IAC provides the largest selection of baghouse filter bags. We carry products for any type of industrial dust collector. Most items are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Because IAC is an OEM we can get you the right part for your application at the lowest price on the market. Our products are guaranteed to help you meet the strictest emission laws.

IAC’s Parts Sales team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with years of training and experience in all types of baghouse, dust collection, pneumatic, and process equipment parts, components accessories.  From assisting customers with single replacement part requests, to creating complete spare parts lists with stocking recommendations, the mission of IAC’s Parts Sales team is to provide industry leading technical support, responsiveness, and products that keep our customers up and running.

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The experts at IAC have been designing, building, and maintaining dust collectors and other industrial process systems for over 30 years. Let us earn your business too!