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IAC has designed and deployed a revolutionary new high output rotary Dryer/Cooler for Frac Sand.

Developed from years of research and development, the IAC Dual Feed Rotary Dryer/Cooler has achieved a sustained output of 134% of its nameplate capacity, verified through independent testing.

Additionally, IAC’s dual feed rotary dryer/cooler can perform under the most difficult conditions, including high moisture conductions often above 10% moisture content while maintaining a high output.

Industrial drying systems, rotary dryer for frac sand

Revolutionary Dual Feed Design Increases Output and Operating Window

  • The first stage sand feed dries down the length of the rotary barrel, with an additional 20% of wet sand added through a second feed in the final stage at the dryer. 
  • Wet sand added in the second feed contacts the hot sand, “flash” evaporating the moisture in wet sand
  • Moisture evaporated from wet sand
  • Hot sand instantly cooled by the evaporation
  • Maximized by proprietary flight design

Dryer Designs and Types

Static Fluid Beds: Pass processed gas often via a perforated plate through a bed of solids. Some systems can cool the material by using a separate process that utilizes cooled air.

Vibratory Fluid Beds: Introduces vibration to the system above to improve performance.

Rotary Dryer: Create a shower of particles, falling perpendicular to the flowing hot gas. These dryers rely of convective heat transfer from the gas to the material.

IAC chose a rotary dryer as the basis due to its inherent benefits:

  • Can accommodate a wider envelope of material sizes
  • Insensitive to even very coarse to heavy solids
  • Greater range of air temperatures due to fundamental design and construction
  • Reduced sensitivity to changes in particle size, moisture and throughput rate
  • Low specific electrical energy requirements
  • Simple design eliminating the need for fans, ducts, and separate hot gas generator
  • Quick commissioning process and parameter optimization
  • Able to process even very abrasive materials
  • Reduced risk of baghouse plugging and corrosion from captured air
  • Minimal cost and effort for the air equipment with direct install of the burner to dryer
rotary drying, sand dryer, sand dryers, industrial hemp drying equipmen, hemp industry

Advantages of IAC’s Design:

rotary drying, sand dryer, sand dryers
  • Wide operating window up to 10-15% moisture
  • Greater output, measured up to 134%
  • Drying and cooling in one drum
  • Efficient co-current flow
  • Dual feed design
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Reduced abrasion compared to the sole existing design
  • Lower airflow requirements
  • Proprietary flight design
  • Greater yield
  • Simplified controls
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Uncompromising materials and design

IAC’s Support and Capabilities

EPC Services: Maximize the dual feed dryer by utilizing IAC as your EPC contractor and reduce middleman markups

Special OPS Plant Optimization: IAC has launched a new plant optimization service to maximize the output of your plant, regardless of who designed and built it

Operational Support: IAC can train and even staff your plant for you Parts and Service: As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) IAC is uniquely capable of providing the proper, high quality parts with the knowledge of how to service them in order to maximize up time, part life, and efficiency

IAC, the Frac Sand Plant and Technology Leader:

  • 45 frac sand plants commissioned
  • Innovative equipment including IAC’s patented Dual Feed high output rotary frac sand dryer 
  • Tailored component supply with over 30 years of experience
  • Industry leading services including our advanced Special Ops plant optimization program
  • International experience with commissioned projects in over a dozen countries


The experts at IAC have been designing, building, and maintaining dust collectors and other industrial process systems for over 30 years. Let us earn your business too!