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Safety Products - Baghouse & Pneumatic

Today’s safety standards require consideration of the complete industrial plant operating environment, and how the personnel interact with process equipment.  Safety can mean taking measures to ensure the equipment operates safely, and that the plant personnel are protected from hazards such as dust, poor air quality, heights, confined spaces, and excessive noise.  

accessories for industrial blowers

Complete Turnkey Sound Enclosure Systems:

IAC’s Sound Enclosures are designed for PD blowers, compressors, fans, etc. They are completely free-standing and constructed of heavy gauge aluminum for corrosion resistance, weight savings and strength. Removable side panels or hinged doors fastened with quick release knobs provide immediate access to equipment. Sound attenuating acoustic lining typically lowers 3’ sound level to 15-22 dBA (actual attenuation level depends on final equipment configuration).

 Standard Features Include: 

  • Heavy Aluminum Construction – Corrosion Resistant – Lightweight – Strong as Steel
  • Ships assembled. Fits over existing equipment. Floor mounting holes in frame
  • Four hinged doors or removable side panels on two sides for maintenance/service
  • Quick release hand knobs provide for easy removal of doors/side panels
  • Vent fan provides 400 cfm airflow for thermal protection (larger fans available)
  • 2 3/4” polyurethane acoustical absorption material throughout inside of unit
  • Sound attenuation to 15 – 22 dBA (attenuation dependent upon actual equipment)
  • Model 001: 42” wide x 66” long x 72” tall (custom sizes available)
  • Model 002: 48” wide x 84” long x 78” tall (custom sizes available)
  • Model 003: 48” wide x 84” long x 101” tall (custom sizes available)
  • Model 004: 54” wide x 108” long x 102” tall (custom sizes available)
  • Model 005: 54” wide x 114” long x 110” tall (custom sizes available) 

Optional Features Include: 

  • Custom dimensions
  • Higher capacity cooling fans
  • Powder coated finishes
  • Internal lighting kits
  • Viewing ports
  • Other unique customer or project requirements possible

Vacuum and Pressure Release Valves:

Vacuum: These pressure and vacuum relieve valves are designed to protect blowers from overheating when operating deadheaded under vacuum. 

Weighted:  IAC offers weighted pressure and vacuum relief valves in 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes for capacities through 3400 CFM.

IAC Safety Pressure Valves
IAC Safety Pressure Valves

Access Ports and Hatches, View Ports, and Sight Glass:

Pressure Fill Cover

Fill Covers: IAC fill covers and access ports are available from 6in. to 12in. sizes in pressurized and non-pressurized models as well. Applications include cargo tanks, storage silos and industrial conveyance systems for fill openings, cleanout, sampling and inspection.

pressure vacuum tank hatch

Hatch Covers: IAC offers three standard pressure vacuum hatch covers, covering a wide range of pressure and vacuum settings, for applications ranging from silos and grain elevators to food products, grain, industrial products and baghouse for cement.

pressure vacuum tank hatch

View Ports: IAC offers 8” and 20” diameter, cast aluminum view ports. Our view ports feature hinged and gasketed access door, easy open door latch, replaceable plexiglass window, and come with a white neoprene mounting gasket.

Sight Glass Safety

Sight Glass: IAC offers a variety of transparent tube sight glass, which is a type of gauge that allows viewing of liquid level inside a vessel. 

Fume Capturing and Extraction Products:

IAC offers a full line of fume capturing extraction equipment. These products are easy to set up and maintain and provide maximum filter efficiency. Don’t wait until your facility gets fined for being an unsafe work environment; browse our line of equipment today!

IAC’s line of fume capturing and extraction products includes:

  • Extraction Fans
  • Industrial Fume Arms
  • Extension Booms
  • Mobile filter units
  • Welding tables
IAC Safety Fume protection
IAC Safety Fume protection
IAC Safety Fume protection

Machine Guarding and Covers:

Machine Guarding

IAC’s extensive experience with metal fabrication, and installation of dust collection systems and other types of process equipment, has made us experts in OSHA and MSHA guidelines for machine guarding and covers. 



Safety Ladders and Safety Railings:

Design, fabrication, and installation of safety ladders and safety railings is a component of many baghouse dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems IAC builds and installs each year. 

Because IAC’s engineered systems operate in a wide variety of industrial and mining environments, our experienced engineering team is familiar with OSHA and MSHA safety standards, and when specialty materials or coatings are needed to ensure the structural integrity and long service life for fabricated metal safety ladders and safety railings for working or walking surfaces.

safety ladder railing


The experts at IAC have been designing, building, and maintaining dust collectors and other industrial process systems for over 30 years. Let us earn your business too!