IAC’s full line of filters for all types of industrial dust collection and pneumatic conveying equipment includes cartridge filter elements, air compressor intake filters and silencers, and industrial inline vacuum filters.


Industrial Cartridge Filter Elements

Cartridge filter elements are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any requirement. The following are just a few examples of what we offer:

  • Compact / Miniature Intake Filters (up to 35 SCFM, ¼” to 1”)
  • International Polyester – 800 Series (heavy duty industrial strength paper Filter Element)
  • Paper Filter Elements (570-4,705 SCFM; 99%+ removal efficiency std: Paper=2 micron, Polyester=5 micron.  Dust loading capacity is increased 40% – 50% with polyurethane prefilter.)
  • Polyester Filter Elements (570-6,600 SCFM ; 99%+ removal efficiency std: Paper=2 micron, Polyester=5 micron. Dust loading capacity is increased 40 % – 50% with polyurethane prefilter.)
  • Small Compact Paper (Up to 570 SCFM, 3/8″ – 3″)
  • Small Compact Polyester (Up to 570 SCFM, 3/8″ – 3″)

Industrial Air Compressor Intake Filters and Silencers

IAC offers a variety of replacement air compressor intake filters in paper and polyester filter medias, plus air compressor silencers for most brands of industrial air compressors. 

  • Inlet Filter Assemblies
  • Inlet Filter Silences

Industrial Inline Vacuum Filters

IAC offers replacement inline industrial vacuum filters for most industrial vacuum system manufacturers.



Contact us today with your questions about cartridge filter elements or air intake filters for dust collectors, and get a quote on your filter needs.