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Baghouse Valves:

Types of Baghouse Dust Collection System Valves available from IAC:
Row of new pulse valves on baghouse header

Pulse valves, sometimes also called diaphram valves, for baghouses are used to clean the filers inside of a Pulse Jet baghouse.  They work by creating a pulse of pressurized air that is release through jets, which create a directional blast that breaks off and pushes the collected dust and debris off the filter media, allowing it to fall down to the baghouse’s dust collection hopper for proper disposal.

IAC offers pulse valves for all makes and models of baghouses and dust collectors.  We can supply a direct replacement pulse valve for your existing system, or try our new Smart Plant Pulse Valve which offers a long service life of 10 million cycles or more, and energy savings up to 55% over competitor’s pulse valves because they’re designed for high peak pressure and low air consumption. 

Selenoid Valves - IAC

A solenoid valve is used to control the flow of compressed air in industrial dust collection systems. It is typically installed on the pulse-jet cleaning system that periodically cleans the dust filter bags or cartridges in the collector. When energized, the solenoid valve opens to allow compressed air to flow into a manifold and then to the individual pulse valves that deliver a short burst of air to clean the dust off the filters. When de-energized, the solenoid valve closes to stop the flow of compressed air. This cycle of opening and closing the solenoid valve is repeated several times per minute to keep the filters clean and maintain optimal airflow and suction performance in the dust collector.

IAC offers solenoid valves for all makes and models of baghouses and dust collectors.