IAC has been a trusted supplier of baghouse accessories and problem-solving products for over 30 years.  Let our OEM buying power and expertise in baghouse dust control systems help you maintain your equipment for optimal performance.  

Baghouse Leak Detection:

Leak detection powder

Leak Detection Powder:

Detekto-Lite Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder

Used for quickly finding leaks and holes in baghouse style dust collectors.

– Utilizing our specialized blacklight, the bright fluorescent powder will identify holes and tears in filter bags as well as broken welds, or improperly seated bags.

– Detekto-Lite comes in 8 colors – Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Lime, Tangerine

– Sizes (stock):
1 gallon, 5 lb. can
5 gallon, 25 lb. can
Other sizes available up to 300 lb. drum.

Use with Leak Detection Kit or IAC Blue LED Light Kit

Blue LED Light Leak detection Kit

This powerful and compact IAC Blue LED light was designed to help maintenance personnel quickly find leaks in any dust collection unit. Cordless and rechargeable, this Kit makes filter bag inspection quick and easy. The IAC Blue LED light brightly flouresces IAC’s ultra violet leak detection powder where bag leaks and tubesheet cracks are present. Use with Detekto Lite Leak Detection Powder.

  • Cordless and rechargeable, no need for extension cords.
  • Durable anodized aluminum body
  • The 2200mAh battery provides up to 3 hours of use
  • The Blue LED offers a ‘bulb-life’ of up to 100 000 hours
  • Power equivalent to larger 150 W models

The IAC Kit includes:

  • Durable case for easy transport and storage
  • Powerful light weight blue LED light
  • LED Enhancing glasses (ANSI rated)
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • AC and DC Quick Chargers
  • Charging adapter tube
  • A choice of AC chargers: please specify when ordering
    120 VAC – IAC Kit P/N 2035120
    240 VAC – IAC Kit P/N 2035121
Blue LED leak detection kit
detection light

Ultraviolet Light Detection

The IAC Ultra Violet Detection Lite is required to illuminate the Detekto-Lite powder which exposes filter bag and tubesheet cracks and dust leakage points.

  • Brightly illuminates the Detekto-Lite powder
  • Large, 16 inch long ultra violet bulb
  • Rugged impact resistant design
  • Bulb is fully enclosed
  • Protective end covers
  • 25 ft. high visibility cord with polarized plug
  • Powerful 15 watt, 110 volt ultra violet bulb
  • Same day shipment!

You will also need the Detekto-Lite Leak Detection Powder

Dust or Broken Filter Bag Detection:

smart plant dust monitor

Continuous trend monitor gives plant operators to see the performance of the filtration systems and ducts over a period of time.  Perfect for installation after any filtration system, or in common line channels leading into the emissions points of a plant.

State of the art inductive electrification minimizes the need for maintenance on the dust monitor and provides an accurate trend.  4-20 mA output combined with an easy-to-use auto-setup feature takes less than 30 minutes to install making this dust monitor both convenient and reliable.

Pre coat powder

Filter Bag Pre-Coat Powder

In the operation of a baghouse dust collector the thin coating, or dustcake, which develops on the surface of filter bags actually does much of the filtration, not just the filter media itself. When starting-up a new dust collection system, or a baghouse with new bags, it takes a period of time for a coating or dustcake to build up on the filter media. Speed up this process with pre-coat powder from IAC. 

Door Seals

Ensure proper sealing on baghouse dust collector doors with seal gasket material best suited for your industrial process environment.  Neoprene, silicone, extruded EPDM, rope, and fabric gasket materials in a variety of sizes, chemical resistance levels, and temperature ranges.   

Door Seals


iac smart plant Timer Boards

IAC’s Smart Plant Timers can be configured for manual or automated controls on any brand or type of baghouse, filter receiver, or dust collector.  Expandable DIN rail system with analog and digital inputs/outputs allows for a variety of sensor functions.  Connection to encrypted, cloud based, IoT remote monitoring dashboards for predictive and preventative maintenance available on a subscription basis.  For more information about our Smart Plant products, visit our Smart Plant Systems page.

smart plant timer
timer board ac input

AC Input Timer Boards: AC Input, Pulse Cleaning of Bag House Dust Collectors Models DNC-T2003 through DNC-T2032


IAC Timer Boards

DC Input Timer Boards: The control can function in 2 modes, Continuous Mode and On-Demand Mode.

IAC Timer Boards

Intelligent AC Input Timber Board: Models T2310 and T2320 are microprocessor- based bag house filter controllers which combine a ten or twenty output sequencer with a solid-state differential pressure senso

IAC Timer Boards

Intelligent Remote Output / Input Timer Board: The Model DNC-T2300-I/O module provides several functions. It communicates with a T2310 or T2320 Dust Collector Timer via the RS232 port to form an Enhanced Timer system, and it communicates pertinent system data to remote control/display devices via the 2 wire Enhanced Timer Network.

Gauges / Instruments:

Digihelic Gauge

Digihelic Gauges: A Digihelic Controller provides all the monitoring and control capabilities of magnehelic and photohelic devices along with many added features.

IAC Gauges

Magnehelic Gauges: The Magnehelic gauge is used to continuously monitor the differential in air pressure across the baghouse filter media.

IAC Gauges

Photohelic Gauges: The Photohelic combination switch and gauge provides the same monitoring ability as a Magnehelic gauge but with the added feature of being able to control when the baghouse cleaning device operates, “On Demand Cleaning”. This can provide greatly increased energy savings as well as reduced maintenance costs.

vacuum pressure gauge

Pressure Gauges: IAC supplies a wide variety of brands, styles, sizes and pressure/vacuum ranges to accommodate your needs. For use with gases or liquids.

IAC Gauges

Vacuum Gauges: IAC supplies a wide variety of brands, styles, sizes and pressure/vacuum ranges to accommodate your needs. For use with gasses or liquids.

Level Indicators – Paddles and Probes:

continuous flow level indicators

Continuous Flow Level Indicators: Used to detect the presence or absence of materials at a point inside a tank, bin, or other vessel and accurately and reliably measure the level of bulk solids or powders.  

IAC flow detection

Flow Detection Monitors: High quality industrial grade sensors for flow/no-flow conditions of solids and powders in pneumatic pipelines, gravity chutes, and feeders.

IAC point level indicators

Point Level Indicators: Point level detection and process control in liquid, powder, granular, and pelletized materials.  Eliminate bin overflow, empty bins, clogged conveyors, choked elevators and the resultant damage and waste.

Baghouse Valves:

Types of Baghouse Dust Collection System Valves available from IAC:

Diaphragm Valves - IAC
Diaphragm Valves
Selenoid Valves - IAC
Solenoid Valves


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