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Pleated Filter Cartridges and Filter Elements for Efficient Dust Collection

Filter up to 300% more media using pleated filter elements.  These one-piece pleated filter element cartridges replace two-piece filter cage and filter bag combinations, leaving you with fewer components to worry about while covering up to three times the filtration area.  

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Pleated Filter Element Options

IAC pleated filter elements are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any requirement. The following are just a few examples of what we offer:

  • Bottom-load and top-load pleated filter elements to fit most any brand of baghouse.
  • PTFE laminate finish
  • Oil and water repellent finish
  • Metalized finish for static dissipation
  • Stainless steel / copper ground wires
  • Polypropylene and galvanized or stainless steel metal inner core
  • High temperature components

Pleated Filter Element Area and Media

The IAC pleated filter is a one-piece element, usually made of spun-bond polyester media. Because spun-bond material is pleatable, we can get 200 – 300% more filter media into a pleated filter that is the same size, or usually smaller than, the conventional filter bag it replaces. This dramatically reduces your air-to-cloth ratio, providing for a much more efficient operation of the collector. You will also see increased airflow, lower differential pressure, lower energy cost and higher filtration efficiencies.

Types of Filter Media Available:
  • Types of Filter Media Available:
  • 100% Spun bond polyester (standard)
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with PTFE membrane laminate
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with hydro and oleophobic treatment
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with grounded with aluminized anti-static surface
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with grounded carbon impregnation PTFE membrane laminate
  • Aramid felt (Nomex Type)
  • Aramid felt with PTFE laminate
  • PPS felt
  • PPS felt with PTFE laminate finish
pleated filter elements

Successful Applications for Pleated Filter Elements

The non-woven, spun bond filter media has a smooth calendered finish that maximizes dust cake release. Pleated filter elements resist surface penetration by the collected particulate, resulting in much higher cleaning efficiency and faster regeneration of operating airflows. This material, offering 99.99+% efficiency, rivals membrane materials at a much lower cost.

If you have a pulse-jet baghouse, the transition to pleated filter elements is easy.  They are designed to function with pulse-jet dust collectors, so you won’t need to reconfigure your system.


pleated filters
  • Current dust collector systems using polyester material
  • Current collectors that are undersized, requiring additional cloth area
  • Current collector systems using materials other than polyester operating at 250° F or below
  • Current dust collector systems requiring more efficient media
  • Hydrolysis or moisture problems with current standard felts
Certain dust collection applications do not permit the use of pleated elements. If you’d like to try pleated filter elements but are not sure if they’ll work for your dust loading application, contact our knowledgeable sales team. We’re here to make sure you use the best filter media for your application.



Available on polyester and homopolymer acrylic. This coating is applied to the collection surface of the filter media. Its cellular structure provides enhanced collection efficiency while maintaining good airflow. The slick surface promotes particulate discharge during cleaning.

PTFE Coating

Available on polyester, polypropylene, homopolymer acrylic and Aramid. The PTFE polymers allow for the engineering of smaller pore size which provide enhanced efficiency while handling particulate with median particle sizes of less than 10 microns. This coating is applied to the collection surface of the filter media and provides increased chemical resistance, moisture resistance, and a slick surface to promote particulate discharge.

PTFE Membrane

Available on polyester, polypropylene, homopolymer acrylic, Aramid, PPS, P-84 ©, and glass. This product is produced by heat laminating an expanded PTFE membrane to one of the aforementioned base media. The membrane laminated products provide the highest collection



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