IAC`s M-Pulse, long bag, medium pulse Pressure Baghouse is designed for efficient operation and effective cleaning for large process gas flow applications. The M-Pulse is especially effective on coal fired, biomass, and other steam production applications. The modular design simplifies application up to 2,000,000 CFM.

Target industry applications

  • Industrial and Utility Boilers
  • Gypsum, Lime and Cement Industries (Kilns, Clinker Coolers, Dryers)
  • Foundry and Steel Melt-Shop Ventilation
  • Primary and Secondary Metals
  • ESP Conversions to Baghouse
  • MCC & Power
  • Material Transport
  • Mills
  • Piping Design
  • Stacks
  • Structural Steel
  • Sorbent Injection

Major product features include

  • Modular design & modular expansion capability
  • Low 60 PSI pulse pressure cleaning, which saves energy through lower compressed air requirements
  • Unique inlet gas baffle plate design, which aids in particle collection before filter media is encountered and in gas flow distribution in each module
  • Simplified service through easily accessed cleaning valves and controls
  • Weather-tight, covered service module with overhead winch to aid in lifting clean air plenum doors and bags for easier change-out and maintenance
  • Long bag design, (8 meter / 26`3″ typical), reducing steel footprint and capital investment for significant quantities of filter media
  • Steep pyramidal hopper designs for each module, which aids material flow and simplifies material collection
  • Divided inlet and outlet gas manifolds to promote even gas flow distribution into and out of each cleaning module
  • Automation integration into centralized plant system control when required

Additional Services

See examples of the M-Pulse Baghouse in our Industries Served section.