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IAC Modular Pulse Jet Baghouses

pulse jet baghouse

Modular pulse jet baghouses are comprised of multiple, standardized, prefabricated sections that are assembled on the jobsite.

IAC’s Modular baghouses are preferred for numerous applications because they are easy to install, can be quickly modified, and their functionality can be easily improved by adding or replacing individual components.

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Our Modular Pulse Jet Baghouses are built for fast installation and long service life

IAC’s Modular pulse jet baghouses are 100% shop fabricated in the controlled environment of our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility to ensure consistent adherence to strict quality standards. 

They are efficient to transport and install because they are designed to be as lightweight as possible. Not only does this save on transportation costs, but also makes lifting and placing sections easier, which is especially important on jobsites with tight space restrictions.

IAC’s engineering teams, manufacturing operations, quality control inspectors, and logistics experts work together to ensure each section and component of the modular baghouse meets project specifications and is sequentially loaded on trailers (or barges) for the most efficient offloading at the jobsite by the installation and construction crews.

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Modular Pulse Jet Baghouse Fabrication and Installation Video

Additional Services

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