IAC has completed projects throughout the world. Give your project the experience it deserves.

IAC is an EPC and Turnkey Provider

Did you know it is possible to build a new plant in California while you, the owner, reside in Michigan? An EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract provider will make sure your project follows regulations and specifications and stays on target all the way to completion.

IAC is an EPC provider (also known as an EPC contractor) and provides every aspect of a construction project. EPC consists of developing the design, delivering the materials, and constructing the project. Companies often use EPC contractors as the contractor can build an entire facility or plant without the purchasing company needing to hire any additional third parties. Once the project is completed the contractor turns it over to the purchasing company; this is also referred to as turnkey construction.

Fast Track Projects

Fast track projects are no problem with IAC’s Alternative Project Delivery System.  IAC’s project management and engineering teams work directly with our fabrication, procurement, and construction teams to ensure as much work as possible is taking place concurrently.  IAC’s unique structure as a complete solutions provider allows IAC to deliver EPC and Turnkey projects faster than other providers. 

The benefits of having IAC as your EPC provider are:

  • As the owner, you put minimum effort into managing the project
  • The owner has one point of contact
  • It is easy for the owner to get post-commissioning services from a single source
  • EPC ensures quality and reduces practical issues and fragmented decision making
  • The owner is not affected by the market inflation because investment figures are known at the start of the project